Screen shot of Rebranding Stojan

Swiss creative and branding agency Stojan asked Cruncher to build their new website for a 2023 rebrand. Our challenge was to deliver a smooth, performant user experience required by a highly interactive design.

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EPFL Architecture

Screen shot of EPFL Architecture

Following the success of the Living Archives project, the Architecture department at EPFL chose Cruncher as a partner once again to build a site promoting the activities of the faculty.


Screen shot of KAVEA

We built a video hosting, streaming and subscription platform for Kavea and gave TV and film directors in Switzerland a new audience for their productions.

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EPFL Graphic Generator

Screen shot of EPFL Graphic Generator

EPFL wanted to provide organizers of events and conferences on its campus with a tool allowing them to create rich and vibrant posters.

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Galerie 1 2 3

Screen shot of Galerie 1 2 3

Cruncher and :ratio partnered to design and build a beautiful online gallery, a web shop and an inventory manager for Galerie 1 2 3, the world's biggest restorer and reseller of vintage posters.

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Screen shot of ECAL website

Lausanne's world-renowned design school ECAL has tasked Cruncher and :ratio with building their new website.

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ECAL typefaces

Screen shot of ECAL typefaces

Having seen our work for the font foundry SwissTypefaces, design school ECAL asked Cruncher and SwissTypefaces to design and build them a shop for their students' fonts.

Swiss Typefaces

Screen shot of Swiss Typefaces

Cruncher has enjoyed a productive partnership with type foundry SwissTypefaces since we built their first webshop in 2011.

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Screen shot of Blondel

We built an online shop centred around an interactive chocolate box selector for Switzerland's finest Chocolatier.

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Screen shot of Procsea B2B marketplace

Could we build a real-time market place for trading freshly caught seafood across Europe, and in the process, help to launch a startup? Why yes, that is exactly the sort of challenge Cruncher is good at.

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Screen shot of SympliFi – Empowering Financial Connectivity with Robust Back-End Solutions

SympliFi entrusted us to develop a versatile platform capable of seamlessly managing loans, contracts, and user interactions across their web and mobile applications, empowering both individuals and banking partners with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

EPFL Newsletter

Screen shot of EPFL Newsletter Builder

EPFL approached Cruncher for help in improving their email marketing toolchain, frustrated with the inflexibility of MailChimp and the tendency to of their partners to opt for their own solutions. Following consultation with their design and marketing teams we made an inspired leap in realising we could repurpose DjangoCMS as a rich email authoring tool.

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Université Populaire Lausanne

Screen shot of Université Populaire Lausanne

To promote their range of courses, Université Populaire needed a platform. Cruncher and :ratio delivered a beautiful user experience on top of a powerful Content Management System.


Screen shot of A front-end component library for Nendaz

Nendaz, the ski resort and summer alpine retreat, needed to move fast in implementing a complete remake of their website for the summer season of 2021. With months left before the deadline, Cruncher was contracted to supply the front-end as a library of hundreds of components ready to be integrated into their CMS.

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Quartier du Flon

Screen shot of Quartier du Flon

The Flon district, creative epicentre in the heart of Lausanne, needed a place to welcome its many shops and services, in order to promote its events and activities.

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SiL bliblablo

Screen shot of SiL bliblablo

Cruncher has had a successful partnership with Lausanne's own phone and internet service provider Sil BliBlaBlo (formerly CityCable) for over a decade.

Discover EPFL

Screen shot of Discover EPFL

Cruncher used web technologies to create interactive touchscreens for prospective students to learn about courses on offer at EPFL.

TRIBU architecture

Screen shot of TRIBU architecture

TRIBU architecture specialise in affordable and innovative housing projects, and we built a website and content management system where they could showcase and present their work.

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Living archives

Screen shot of Living archives

Partnering with EPFL's Architecture department, Cruncher built a platform showcasing several decades of archived student projects.

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Architecture Suisse

Screen shot of Architecture Suisse

Architecture Suisse is a leading architecture magazine in Switzerland. We helped them digitizing decades worth of printed content and make it accessible online to their subscribers.

Objectif Terre

Screen shot of Objectif Terre – an ambitious exhibition about the Anthropocene

Objectif Terre is the name that the Natural History Museum of Valais chose for their alarming world-first exhibition about the Anthropocene: the new geological era defined by the effects of human influence on the geological record. To preserve the legacy of the exhibition, the Museum asked us to document it on the web.

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Screen shot of Napoleome

In front of UNIL, the University of Lausanne, stands an old oak tree. It was planted by Napoleon on his way to conquer Italy – or so the story goes. Today, it is a subject of study by the department of genetics, and they needed a website to share their data with the public.

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EPFL Faculty Comparator

Screen shot of EPFL Faculty Comparator

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) wanted a widget for their website where future students can quickly compare aspects of EPFL faculties with one another via a visual graph. Together with the designer Didier Oberson they asked us to build one.


Screen shot of KiWi – mobile payments in emerging markets

When the founders of KiWi came calling, we jumped at the chance to give small merchants in emerging markets the power of a digital mobile platform for managing their transactions and business finances.

Touring Machine

Screen shot of Touring Machine

Touring Machine is like the Basecamp of world touring. It's a place where all the information surrounding a tour – venue addresses, travel iteneraries, crew contacts, load times, contracts, maps – is made accessible to the whole crew.

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RTS Infographics

Screen shot of RTS Voting Infographics

Switzerland is famous for having more votes than anywhere else with its system of direct democracy. RTS, the public broadcaster, have turned to Cruncher for several interactive infographics that display real-time voting results on polling day.

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Plan your Move

Screen shot of Plan your Move

To help people manage their house moves, we help start-up Plan Your Move launch their website.

Fête de la danse

Screen shot of Fête de la danse

One day every year the whole of Switzerland gets up to dance. Managing and promoting hundreds of events by hundreds of artists is no small challenge. Cruncher built a platform that enabled Fete de la Danse to organise events, and an interactive program for audiences to find them.

École Sociale de Musique, Lausanne

Screen shot of École Sociale de Musique, Lausanne

Lausanne's social music school had Cruncher build their website promoting teachers and courses.

Transnational Red Sea Center

Screen shot of Transnational Red Sea Center

Travelling the world on a scientific mission to save ocean coral, and with the support of the Swiss Foreign Ministry, the not-for-profit Transnational Red Sea Center needed a site to promote their activities.

10 Décembre

Screen shot of 10 Décembre

Cruncher designed and built a single-page website on top of a content management system for Lausanne's talented new legal firm 10 Décembre.