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Switzerland is famous for having more votes than anywhere else with its system of direct democracy. RTS, the public broadcaster, have turned to Cruncher for several interactive infographics that display real-time voting results on polling day.

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The map appears regularly on rts.ch in French, rsi.ch in Italian, rtr.ch in Romansch, srf.ch in German and swissinfo.ch in English.

The RSI news page showing the voting component in place in an article

RTS Votations is an interactive map of Switzerland that can be integrated into articles in any language on any of RTS's web assets. We enabled this by providing their journalists and content editors with a modifiable templating system where all the text is exposed and editable in HTML, along with custom tags that serve as placeholders for the incoming data. JavaScript periodically calls out to an API provided by a third party and updates the map accordingly, until a result is finalised.

RTS Votations appears on each day of voting on the RTS website in French, on RSI in Italian, on RTR in Romansch, on SRF in German and on SWI in English.

Cruncher have also converted Flash assets to HTML5 components for RTS, enabling them to function on mobile devices and browsers without the Flash plugin installed. The Vote Barometer communicates vote results and historic trends as interactive pie charts and line graphs. Details are revealed as parts of the charts are clicked on. Results are entered by journalists in their content management system, and we use JavaScript to manipulate SVG and HTML on the front-end.

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