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Lausanne’s world-renowned design school ECAL has tasked Cruncher and :ratio with building their new website.

ECAL website

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ECAL – Elevating Creativity Through Digital Ingenuity

ECAL, a center of artistic excellence, continually seeks to innovate and redefine the boundaries of art and design education. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing creativity and embracing forward-thinking approaches, ECAL stands at the forefront of global education in the arts.

Driven by a vision to empower students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, ECAL offers a dynamic array of programs designed to cultivate talent, foster collaboration, and inspire transformative change. From foundational courses to advanced master's programs, ECAL provides a platform for students to explore their passions, refine their skills, and unleash their creative potential.

Pioneering Digital Solutions for Creative Expression

When ECAL embarked on the journey to enhance its digital presence, Cruncher stepped in to deliver a comprehensive website solution that transcended traditional boundaries. At the heart of this endeavor was the challenge of writing an automated migration process to import, convert and rewriting a repository of thousands of projects, articles and events from the legacy website to the new platform.

The new website features a wealth of frontend components transformed into reusable CMS plugins. This innovative approach empowers ECAL's IT team to effortlessly manage and customize content, facilitating seamless updates and dynamic user experiences.

The technology powering ECAL's new web presence

The projects feed

ECAL's new website was built using Django and Django CMS. In addition to traditional plugin-based CMS pages featuring a wide array of custom CMS components, we've developed custom CMS Apps to showcase ECAL's more structured content, such as projects, news articles, events, and to easily create cross-links between heterogeneous contents.

All these contents come together in their Feed section, which offers a drill-down, filter-based search engine based on Elasticsearch, automatically indexing new and modified content as soon as it is saved to the database.


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