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Cruncher has an expert team of creative coders who have been building projects together for 15 years.

Portrait photo of Stephen

Stephen Band

Front-end developer, Director

Stephen is from Scotland. He trained in Acoustics, began his career as a musician, won a BBC jazz award, and taught himself to create websites for bands and shows in the UK. He made his first site in 1998.

Stephen conceived the original jQuery parallax plugin, used on thousands of websites and now entombed in github's Arctic Code Vault.

Portrait photo of Marco

Marco Bonetti

Back-end developer, Director

Marco grew up in both German and Italian speaking regions of Switzerland, and was hooked on computing at 10 years old.

He studied Computer Science at EPFL in Lausanne, spent a period IT consulting, then was bitten by the web bug. He built his first website in 1999.

Marco's open source Django apps have become standard tools for a worldwide community of Django developers.

Portrait photo of Halit

Halit Celik

Back-end developer

Halit arrived in Switzerland as a refugee from Turkey and enrolled at Powercoders to learn development skills, where Stephen and Marco were coaching. Cruncher took him on as an apprentice and then as a full-time developer.

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