Cruncher labs

Open-source – and the open web – are an integral part of Cruncher's fabric. Besides contributing regularly to various open-source projects we have created dozens of tools, custom elements, plugins, libraries and experiments of our own.

Many of these we use ourselves in day-to-day design and development. Some are born of pure curiosity, and are highly experimental – mileage will vary.

Django Rosetta

Facilitate the translation of multi-lingual Django projects.


An experimental music notation renderer for the web.

Fluid font-size calculator

Break free of breakpoint tyranny: generate a hierarchy of fluidly responsive font-sizes.


Django Simple Captcha

A simple, highly customisable captcha for Django.


An accessible, horizontally scroll-snapping, fullscreen-ready, loopable, autoplay-able carousel as a custom element.

A rowdy group of curious donkeys The shadow of a the summit of the Mauverin cast over the alpine valley of Nant Wet moss and lichen-covered rocks in a shallow pool Golden autumn meadows in front of a rocky summit dusted with snow


A simple custom element for folding blocks of content.

Django Front

User editable front-end placeholders for Django.


A customised template element that enhances HTML with JS Literals – an easy way to mix dynamic content into a document.

A construction noise calculator conforming to British Standards for predicting building site sound levels.


A library of JS functions, observers, streams and so on published as ES6 modules.


Soundstage is a JSONify-able object model and sequencing engine for the WebAudio API.

Form elements

A collection of custom form elements for advanced UIs, including <rotary-input>, <y-input> and <xy-input>.


A library of functions for listening to and manipulating MIDI events in the browser.


Experimental 2D linear interpolation collision detection library.