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Cruncher has enjoyed a productive partnership with type foundry SwissTypefaces since we built their first webshop in 2011.

Swiss Typefaces


Swiss Typefaces




SwissTypefaces, a trailblazer in the world of typography, is renowned for their high standard in meticulously engineered fonts. Their online presence needs to reflect a similar level of precision and attention to detail, while enabling sales to an international audience with their unique licensing model.

Over a decade of partnership

For over a decade, SwissTypefaces has entrusted Cruncher with the task of translating their exacting standards into a eye-popping online experience. As a long-term digital partner, we embarked on a journey to create a website that evolves with changes to the SwissTypefaces brand and with new developments in typeface technology. We give them the power to keep the site up-to-date via a CMS, and develop on top of a maintainable codebase that has seen 4 major revisions – as well as constant minor updates – as the team at SwissTypefaces have redesignened the site, the requirements of their licesning system and their web shop.

SwissTypefaces customers are given access to a licensing platform, empowering them to effortlessly manage their font licenses, product downloads and updates. With a user-friendly interface the website encourages designers to explore and experiment with fonts before adding them to a cart.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

By showcasing SwissTypefaces' excellence in typography with Cruncher's expertise in web development, we have created a digital platform that exceeds the expectations of typographers and designers worldwide.

As SwissTypefaces continues to push the boundaries of typography, Cruncher looks forward to continuing on their journey with a digital solution that empowers their users.

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